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The Senta Dress

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Beige is a combination of yellow, brown, and gray, it is a medley of hues. Its diverse essence bespeaks its unmatched uniqueness. The Color Beige Symbolizes Simplicity and Comfort - it also stands for individuality.

When you wear beige clothing it gives you a feeling of peace and rest and makes you feel at home in yourself. Beige understands the importance of unwinding.

This Dress is named after my beautiful friend Senta, who just like me, needs to retreat sometimes from the world, since it can get just too much. But there is also joy and ease.

a lot of time to retreat from time to time

The big sleeves are inspired by traditional folklore dresses, I used to admire, when I visited Romania three years ago. The cuff has an elastic so the sleeves can be pushed up an worn over the elbow - for a more playful look.The dress has a slit on the right side, which reaches from the foot to about the knee to make the dress more airy.


There is a feeling of freedom within and freedom without, when wearing this dress.


Color: White

Fabric: Cotton/Linen Dress

Sizes. Unisize (XS-L) and Petite

Clothing from the „La Vie en Rose“ Collection purchased by customers fromEurope will be sent from Germany, clothing purchased by customers from Swiss will be sent from Switzerland.


The dresses have a loose fit and will be given a beautiful feminine shape, when worn with either a belt from the collection or a belt you already preowned.


Taking care of your garment:


The Senta Dress is made of 100% natural and sustainable fabric. For optimal care, I recommend cold hand wash or cold gentle machine wash. Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals and hang to air dry.

 +Measurements in cm (body height, chest size, waist size)

Unisize (S-M/L) (168, 85-95, 68-90, 95-105)