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Little Star Kimono - brown

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The Kimonos are the heart of this collection.
The wonderful fabrics and colors, the wide cut arms, how they float when you walk.

The moment you get up in the morning or the moment you come hope from work you can put the kimono on. A companion for reading, listening to music, drinking coffee or tee, cuddling up.

The most beautiful thing is that the fabrics for the kimonos are either vintage from the 50ies or leftover fabrics from previous collections. We try to be very conscious about the amount of clothing we produce, so that we do not have any waste.

This chocolate kimono is out of 100% linen fabric. I hope it gives you a feeling of home, safety and love.
It was sewn by Radka in Switzerland.

size: one size fit
color: dark chocolate
fabric: 100% linen


Taking care of your garment:

The Kimono is made of 100% natural and sustainable organic linen. For optimal care, I recommend cold hand wash or cold gentle machine wash. Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals and hang to air dry.

+Measurements in cm (body height)

one size fit (168,  ends 2cm over ankles)