I think everyone who knows you would say, that you have a balanced calm appearance, and that it has always been like that. What helps you to be calm and balanced?

My parents told me, that I was an even-tempered child. I know, I loved and still do love peace and harmony. Already at an early age I tried to understand my outer world through observation and perception without judging. (In my family I was seldom confronted with prejudice.) I was quite sensitive and often withdrew in imagination, I also felt protected and connected to the power within. Nowadays I am more and more understanding my inner world and gained on my pathway tools through experience and trust. I keep my inner harmony through meditating, prayer and staying in the moment. There is always something special about every moment I can experience. 


What inspired you to work as a medium, a healer and to teach classes for developing such skills.

At my time it was hardship to find someone or something to help you to understand and develop your gift. For me, it is fulfilling helping others to enhance their unique sensitivity, their mediumistic skills and share the experience to be connected to the source or loved ones in the other realms. It is a wonderful journey, to discover your inner and outer resources and to tune in with the source.

We are born to remember where are we come from.



What has been your biggest lesson in life so far? 

How can I say, this was the biggest lesson so far? It seems like a chain with different pearls, Some pearls where smooth and shiny, where others acute and unpolished. The deeper impacts where, the one who touched my heart, who inspired me and opened my compassion and consciousness.



 Strong sensitive and independent. How do these words resonate with you?

Strong in the sense of keeping faith, yes, but imagining being confronted with unbelievable sorrow like losing a child I question myself; how can I be sure to be strong and not falling apart. We all may have our breaking point. I feel deep compassion and humbleness for people, who suffered and still radiate gentleness. 

I know two dimensions of sensitivity. I was sentient, vulnerable and feeling between the lines and used to mediate over everything. I used to daydream a lot to withdraw from the real world. Nowadays I feel empowered to support others with my sensitivity                             

Independence is important for me, because I allow myself to follow my heart.



How important is a sustainability in your life?

For me there are different kinds of sustainability. Whatever we do, whatever we say whatever we radiate has an effect. So, sustainability in this sense means taking responsibility. Because what we do, say and feel and we didn`t do did not say did not feel has an effect on us, other human beings and to the world of plants, animals and the world within Sustainability has become a very important message. One pearl of wisdom came from my daughter, who creates sustainably clothing. There are wonderful people, who inspire through their example. 


What would be your advice to women?

Be true to yourself and follow the call in you. Believe in you. Never limit your abilities or faith in your process. Keep your creativity and the connection to the source. We can gain pearls of wisdom from others, who inspire us and help us. There is a little proverb from Confucius. I

What is wisdom. « To know people». And «what is wise behavior? » «To love human beings. »

It is a beautiful way to see people trough loving heart and eyes. You feel connected and not separated.





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