Bea Rubli is the owner of le Château Les Charmées in Bourgogne, France.  She is a Mother, Visionary, Medium and a lover of nature and animals.

I visited her on her beautiful chateau and had the possibility to have an inspiring interview with her:
We talked about „the call“. "The call" each and every person holds in itself - the call to be close to ourselves, to our essence. The call to find our talents and show them to the world.

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 Being a medium is a rather unusual or extraordinary job, would you tell us a bit more about your profession?

I hope that nowadays my job is not so extraordinary. For me, the job as a medium is something natural, something that I have already brought into this life - possibly as a gift, talent or opportunity to express myself in this life but also to do something for the world.

For many people this profession is still "different normal", extraordinary or maybe not yet integrated.


Bea, we have talked about "the call" from time to time in the 3 days I have been here.
We have talked about the fact that everyone has "a calling". But we also talked about the fact that it doesn't always have to be something "extraordinary". What do you understand by "the Call", which every human being carries within himself to a certain degree?

By "a call" I also understand "the call" that you carry within you to be close to yourself, with your powers and with your potentials.
It is something that you have brought into this life. It wants to be expressed and brought into a form that makes you happy and its something that you like to do.

But often it is idealized. We have a part in us that wants to be special.
In my understanding, we are all special or not special. You can't be more than special. This can sometimes distort the feeling for the call a bit. You might think my call has to be something very, very, very special. But for me, it's actually like feeling "this call" inside of you, towards yourself: who am I? Where do I want to go with myself?

This part is often very colored, by ideas or evaluations of other people, or things that you may idealize in this life. All this can take you off the track to yourself. You may then judge yourself and think: now I am only this or that, that is nothing special and therefore not a "real call".

"A call" is not something "superior", nor something that is more than anything else, but it is the part that you want to express in this life. In short, you want to express what makes you you.



So that means that not everyone has to be a famous superstar, or an actor, where maybe many feel, oh that would be my "big call", but if they had it, they might not be so happy with it.

Yes! I think it's like this, we are with ourselves and we are happiest where we are closest to ourselves. So even if you were successful somewhere, it could still mean that you are far from being close to yourself.

But we live in a world of many valuations: who presents something more special or more respected, or does something more special or more respected.
So many people are looking for that part in themselves, that makes them being valued by society, their parents etc.

"if you really want to find out what makes you happy you have to go and look for it in yourself: what makes me me?"

What do you think how do we find ourselves then? How do we find back to who we really are? Is it trough the voice of intuition?

What would help people in the process of finding their "own personal call"?

This is certainly a very complex question: What is the way to ourselves? How do we find out who we really are?

It is often a journey of discovery but also a journey into your own patterns and imprints, imaginations, what you bring with you and the influences that were formative for you.

As you rightly say, "intuition" definitely helps a lot, but often we are not trained to trust our intuition. We then think: oh this was just an idea and we devalue or doubt it again.
I believe that the intuition and the closeness to yourself holds the creative power, it is where you really do feel fullfilled.

Nevertheless, it is also important to really like yourself in your truth, whatever truth that may be.


Well, to like oneself is probably one of the biggest tasks in our life...

Yes, because it was already shaped, from home, what made our parents proud, what made us popular. Through all these influences, the way to yourself is sometimes not so easy. We all want to like ourselves, but we also wanted to be loved as a child. It often depends on how we were allowed to develop as a person.

We begin to ask ourselves what we like ourselves for in the first place.
You should give yourself permission to like yourself more often.

Thank you very much for this insightful conversation.
If you would like to give something to the people out there, what would it be?

I would like to tell people to like themselves for who they are and to always be aware that they are in the best possible place in their lives at any given moment, even if it doesn't always feel that way and often only comes true in hindsight.

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